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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Ruedi;


In order for the sensor to be isolated ground, it needs to have 2 wires, since it cannot use the engine block as ground. If you use the serial number of the engine to order the part, a single wire non-isolated ground sensor will be sent. My understanding, in talking to Amel, is that Volvo ships the standard engine to Volvo France. Volvo France then does the required mods to Amel Specs, one of them being isolated ground. To my surprise, Volvo does not update this information in their data base to match the serial number.


Here's the contact information, provided by Amel, and part number that was correct for our engine:

GWEN MARINE Mr Gwenael Rambaud :   gwen@...

Part Number: 863169 Description: CAPTEUR PRESSION


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Mohammad and Aty

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Hi Mohammad  

I try to understand the issue with the single wire non-isolated pressure switch. I'm interested to buy one of these pressure switches for spare but don’t exactly know how to order. I can find in Internet on official, or other sites the pressure switch, but I’m not sure I will receive a single wire non-isolated pressure switch.

Can you ore someone from the group please enlighten me on this topic? 

Thanks and best regards



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