Re: Volvo oil pressure - single wire non-isolated switch


Hi Reudi,
I have a Yanmar, so I can't be specific about your Volvo needs, but in general...
To purchase an (isolated ground) two-wire pressure or temp. SWITCH, you need to know the thread size and pressure or temp. spec recommended by Volvo. With that info you should be able to find what you need.

To purchase an isolated two wire pressure or temp SENDER for gauges, you also need the gauge manufacturer and model.  If the sender and gauge don't match, you will get either no reading or erroneous readings on your gauges.

Hope that helps,
SM 243

On May 16, 2020 1:20 PM, Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...> wrote:

Hi Mohammad  

I try to understand the issue with the single wire non-isolated pressure switch. I'm interested to buy one of these pressure switches for spare but don’t exactly know how to order. I can find in Internet on official, or other sites the pressure switch, but I’m not sure I will receive a single wire non-isolated pressure switch.

Can you ore someone from the group please enlighten me on this topic? 

Thanks and best regards



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