anchor wash safety note

william reynolds

The 24 vdc breaker on the 24 volt panel controls the power to activators on the windlass, the sail motors and winches but not to the anchor wash. 

The anchor wash has direct power from the C/B panel to the switch to the pump and is fused at 10 amps @24 vdc.and is hot all the time unless you go down into the engine room and trip the circuit breaker. Running this current through the 24 vdc switch on the 24 vdc main panel for the anchor, windlass and sail motors would be an overload situation. So, the anchor wash switch is hot as long as the C/B in the engine bay is activated.

I was advised that you should to get into the engine compartment and kill or activate the anchor wash circuit breaker there to disable/enable the power to the anchor wash. Not everyone is going to do this and the anchor wash pump switch will be live (or dead) all the time.

The anchor wash power cable is right under the Ray marine A/P head in the upper access over the galley.

I installed a 15 amp, 24 vdc relay in the anchor wash power line and connected the relay activator (42 milli-amp) to the 24 volt switch that controls everything else.

Attached are photos of the installed relay and wiring choices.

Now the anchor wash switch is hot only when the main 24 vdc power to the other items is selected. A   $15 fix to protect a $250 saltwater pump.

Bill Reynolds  CloudStreet SM2K

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