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I suggest you consider the lightest hard bottom inflatable with the lightest engine to drive it. Consider that on passages you will likely want to carry it inverted on the aft deck.
We bought a Southern Pacific Shearwater 340 which has an aluminum hull weighs under 90 lb and a 5hp motor
Franck who takes care of Amels in La Rochelle is now a dealer for these boats and I know he was very impressed with them when he fit ours to the davits on our 54.
You should definitely call and speak to him.
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Subject: [Amel] Davits and dinghy specification

Hi all,

I am about to get a new Amel 54 next year, on which I ordered the original Amel davits.
What are the constraints and recommendations about the size, weight, dimensions and specifications about a new dinghy (and outboard) to buy. I have to mention, that the boat will have the automatic passarelle as well.
I read all the postings about davits in this group, but couldn`t develop a clear picture.
Thanks for your support!!!!


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