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Hi Bill and Judy

I have just come across your instructions for using the downwind rig. The
sheet you mention removing from the sheetcar is this the genoa sheet or is a
different sheet rigged for the ballooner? If it is a different sheet can
someone let me know the approx. length since there isn't one on my Santorin.


Ivan Campbell

Ocean Hobo

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The book adequately describes what to do and it takes doing it several
times before you will feel comfortable. For a portion of our sail
from Isla Margarita to Bonaire on our way to Cartagena we had the dual
headsails rigged and achieved 12kts with the wind directly behind us.
Although we had owned BeBe for some time we discovered that the GPS
had a high speed alarm and it was set for 11.5kts! On a passage from
Bora Bora to Tonga we experienced a dead-downwind sail with the dual
headsails rigged for 5 days without touching a sheet and without
dropping below 7.5kts. We arrived a day before other who were unable
to sail dead downwind.

We almost always rig both poles before long passages. The long pole
has a hook which hooks on the stainless life rail. To keep the pole
from scratching the life rail we cut a 12" piece of a swimming noodle
and sliced it so that it snaps over the life rail and fits between the
life rail and the pole when the pole is hanging on the life rail.

To use the poles (2 crew member process), rig them per the book then:
1.) remove the sheet from the sheet car and run it outside all of the
pole lines back to the large sheet block securing the bitter end to
the sheet winch.
2.) one person unhooks the pole from the life rail as the other raises
the pole about 18" cleating the up guy to its winch on the mast
3.) one person pulls the blue line while the other person pushes the
pole outward.
4.) the person who pulled the blue line now cleats it to the deck cleat.
5.) now raise the pole to its final position by winching the up guy
until the pole is horizontal and all of the pole lines will tighten if
you cleated them at the marked spots in the first place.
6.) pull the slack out of the sheet and rig and cleat the sheet for
use on the sheet winch.
7.) set the sail to about 1 meter from the end of the pole.
9.) enjoy

It gets much easier as you repeat the process.

If you are at Club Nautico please say hello to John and Alberto.


Bill & Judy
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currently Auckland, New Zealand

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We have owned "Antares" SM2K 378, for about a year, so we are relative
newbies(we did own a Maramu 48 20 years ago, but she was a simpler
boat). I am embarrassed to admit that we have never used the downwind
system, because putting it up seems daunting.
We have received spoken instructions from Ray Eaton, and read the Amel
manual, but we are still unsure. We have also practiced putting up the
poles, but without the sails. It seems like a lot of work on deck when
out to sea.
Is anyone willing to provide detailed, step by step instructions,
designed for the relatively ignorant, from start to finish? Also, from
reading postings on other subjects, I gather some of you actually rig
the poles in advance of needing them, leaving them rigged and
presumably secured on deck somehow. If so, could you please include
instructions on this aspect of the procedure.
We are currently in Cartagena,Colombia, a wonderful town. Don't miss it.
Thanks in advance

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