Re: Onan ballbearing check and valves values

Gary Silver

Follow Up on Onan Genset Bearing Replacement.  I contacted Onan thru their web site and received a reply from Jesse Ketive, a 

Cummins Level 1 Diagnosis, representative.  He was most helpful and sent me the latest and greatest service and parts manuals for our Onan genesis.  These I just posted to the files section with the "Current as of May 2020" designation.  Having read the procedure for the generator bearing replacement again several times I have inferred that this isn't such a big job after all.  All the references to supporting the  engine and generator rotor etc etc are relative to complete removal of the generator and rotor from the engine and doesn't apply to our project.  

I have queried Jesse to get me some data from a person in the company who has actually done this and answer two questions:  1.  Is the rotor self supporting without damage when the endbell (i.e. the end frame that has the counterbore into which the bearing seats) is removed? and 2.  How tight of an engineering fit is the bearing in its counterbore and and the engineering fit of the bearing onto the rotor shaft?   The description uses the word "tap" to describe removing the endbell from the rotor so I am hopeful that these are light interference fits and not insurmountable by we owners.    I'll post more when I hear back from Jesse. 

All the best, 

Gary S.  Silver, M.D.
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 # 335  lying Puerto Rico - Puerto Del Rey Marina

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