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Thanks John
Interesting suggestion... I’m off the boat this week but I’ll follow up with some strong taps to the motor when I return next week.. but I think a rebuild of the motor will likely be needed if the circuitry is OK.


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Also an SM owner, older SM though...assuming that all the breakers are turned on (control power too)  I found when the brushes in the motor are near the end of life the motor will sometimes work sometimes not.  A tap on the side would make it go for a while.  I replaced the brushes and have not had an issue in years.  
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did check the breaker.. it was not tripped, but it may be suspect since it had been replaced...
I’m not on the boat today, but I will take photos next week. Unfortunately, I can hear a click when I throw the switch... by your assessment, it may be the motor... if so, does anyone know where and how to get a replacement motor? Must it come from Amel or is there a standard motor that can be used as replacement.

BTW, I always try to limit strain on motor by heading into the wind during furling or unfurling mainsail.

Thanks for any suggestions on motor replacement.

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> Andre,
> I am unsure if the solenoid is the same on the Mango as the SM. If it is, it
> is a product used in forklift trucks. This should help you find one (not
> sure where you are located). Perhaps you can post a picture.
> That said, it is not usually the solenoid that fails. They are extremely
> heavy duty. More often the motor burns out due to the operator putting too
> much strain on it. If you hear a click as you work the outhaul switch on the
> control panel, it is not the solenoid.
> Stating the obvious, have you checked the breaker?
> With best regards,
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> I have a 1988 Mango no.71. On recommissioning this spring, the electric
> outhaul for the mainsail is not working. A quick look by a yard worker
> suggested the solenoid might be bad. Can someone give me advice on how to
> approach this problem? If the solenoid is bad, how can I replace it? Is
> there a standard solenoid that can replace the original? If so, what is the
> model that I need? Must I get the replacement from Amel? If the outhaul
> motor is bad, how and where can I get a replacement?
> Thanks for any advice.
> Andre Kaplan
> Renaissance 2000
> Mango 71 88

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