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Dealt with Elliott GOLDEN; nice guy. Came with similar proposal also from ERGO GERMANY but with a lower agreed value (USD530K).


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Gary Golden, Manifest Marine.

I’m a longtime customer and friend, who I met through the Moody Owners’ Association (previous boat)

He’s a good guy, and an advocate for his clients.


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Ken Powers mentions the Jackline Policy he has. That product was started by Al Golden and his son Gary at their (at the time) brokerage company called IMIS, now bought out by Gowrie. Al's retired and his son Gary, as some posts in this thread note, is now on his own and expanding his offerings of cruiser's coverage. The Golden's have always been staunch supporters of the Seven Seas Cruising Association - SSCA and marketed to that group as an excellent base of customers who were cruising savvy which gave the underwriters (Markel) a desirable low-risk group to insure - quite similar to what Amel owners could do. 

Interestingly, back in the 90's another broker offered a substantial discount to sailors who were members of SSCA. Lo and behold, the membership rolls of the organization zoomed from about 2000 boats to 5000 by the late 90's as membership was never contingent on sailing experience (anyone could join SSCA as an associate and get the discount, then could become a voting "commodore" after demonstrating live-aboard and passagemaking experience). That diluted the insurance underwriting appeal and the product was dropped after a few years (there was also some other drama going on with the broker).

I'd recommend a chat with Gary which could be very instructive at least, or even present him with an opportunity he could pursue as a professional in the business to offer an AGIC policy.
Food for thought.


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