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Thanks Bill

The boat is in Alcudiamar Marina in Mallorca and we go out on 1st July to
sail east. I will try the system then. You have been very helpful



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I was describing poling-out the genoa to the Port side. However, you do
not use the sheet cars when either foresail is poled out.

The Ballooner is rigged to Starboard. You can remove the starboard
genoa sheet and use it; or, we use the sheet supplied by Amel for the
mizzen ballooner. Always rig the Port side genoa before rigging the
starboard ballooner.

Setting the Ballooner to Starboard
1. Point the boat with the wind coming from the Starboard quarter
2. Set the starboard pole like I described in setting the port pole
including the ballooner sheet set through the block at the end of the pole
and not through the car.
3. Take a turn with the sheet on the sheet winch near the end of the
sheet.locking it so that you do not lose the bitter end
4. Engage the end loop the ballooner halyard in the ballooner guide slot and
set the other end of the ballooner halyard (the end with a small piece of
line and shackle) through the same end loop. This creates a "continuous-loop
halyard" and allows you to pull the end loop free of the ballooner guide
after the ballooner guide has "clicked" into position on the swivel.
5. Turn the furler so that the starboard groove is facing the main mast
6. Place the ballooner bolt rope in the outside (starboard) groove on the
7. One crew guides the bolt rope while the other hoists the ballooner.
8. Hoist until you hear the ballooner guide "click" into position on the
swivel. We sometimes have to take a turn on a winch to get the ballooner
guide to "click" or lock on the swivel and we rarely hear the click. You
will know it is locked when it will not come down
9. Secure the ballooner's tack by tying it to the block on top of the furler
(the block you would use if the furler motor failed.painted gray on our
10. Slacken the ballooner halyard.if it is "clicked" onto the swivel, it
will not come down.
11. Now pull down on the ballooner halyard removing it from the ballooner
guide and secure the halyard.this is important.if you try to furl the head
sails with this still attached, you will have some serious problems.
12. Point the boat with the wind coming directly astern and set the
ballooner sheet to about 1 meter from the end of the pole.
Recovering the Ballooner:
1. Point the boat with the wind just behind the starboard beam (about 115
degrees) and let out about 5 meters of starboard sheet. Note: This
point-of-sail causes the ballooner to fall against the port-side genoa as it
falls down rather than falling into the water.
2. Untie the tack.
3. One crew member stands in the starboard sail locker to retrieve the
ballooner.he must be prepared for the ballooner to come down very fast
4. Another crew member hoists the ballooner de-hooker mouse in the center
track using a "continuous-loop halyard" to "un-click" or disconnect the
ballooner guide from the swivel. You will probably have to take a turn on
the winch and use a winch handle to un-click it
5. The "sail locker" crew member grabs the falling sail as fast as possible
while stuffing it into the locker. You will be surprised how fast it comes
6. If you have three crew members, the third person could control the speed
of decent by holding the bolt rope near the furler groove and slowing
7. Do not forget to secure the ballooner halyard and ballooner de-hooker
mouse or you will have serious problems if you try to furl the genoa.

Notes: You can furl both head sails together by slacking both sheet winches
and furling.
You can also tack one sail into the other, assuming your sheets are long
enough. I would not recommend running with sails tacked into one another for
a long period as I assume there would be some chafing. Amel says to douse
this double downwind rig when winds exceed 20kts True.

Sheet should be 21 meters of 16mm, unless you would want the ability to tack
the starboard ballooner inside of the port genoa. If so, use 24m.


s/v Bebe, SM2, #387
Currently Mackay Australia

sheet you mention removing from the sheetcar is this the genoa sheet or is
different sheet rigged for the ballooner? If it is a different sheet can
someone let me know the approx. length since there isn't one on my

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