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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Arno;


I think all of your questions and concerns are valid. We are going through the same questions as we plan our upgrade. You have to first really sit down and decide exactly what your optimum setup would be. You want to be sure that you do not go down a design path with certain assumptions and design criteria and find out at the tail end that you also wanted “X” that the current design cannot provide.


We are also considering Victron, but have the same concerns of size, weight, derating with increased temperature, compatibility with existing MasterVolt, etc. One suggestion would be to look at MasterVolt Mass Combi Ultra. Here’s the link


They are light (33.7 lb), compact, provide full capacity in higher temperatures, low power consumption at idle (4W),  have an integrated solar charge regulator, two AC inputs for shore power and generator and multiple units can be ganged up to increase power output. In our case, we are thinking about going with a single unit (3.5 KW) and adding another when we go to full Lithiums for 7KW of inversion. Eventually eliminating the 100A and 40 A charges and having one or both as spares.


The issue of supplying it with the DC power needed will depend on the existing equipment and wiring in the engine room, so running new wires can be avoided. We are also trying to avoid moving the inverters out of the engine room. We currently have the 2500W MasterVolt inverter, 100A Charger and 40A Charger. So we have wiring sufficient for about 250A of 24 volts coming to the engine room. This would theoretically be sufficient for about 6000W of inversion. This is most likely sufficient to power all systems on board, including our 150l/hr water maker that needs about 3KW. We just have to manage concurrent system usage to stay in a safe range of available power.


It is great to have all of these new options, however, we just have to sort through them and have an overall design that meets our requirements. As always, with more options come more decisions.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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This topic is somewhat frequent as mane Amels have a fairly limited inverter. Our Amel 54 is still stock and has the Mass Sine 2500 from Mastervolt that is actually only 2000 Watt continuously. So like may others I've been looking at alternatives.

The Victron 5kW is big, really big. It also has some small print where it states is will reduce it's output above 30 Deg. ambient temperature. I'm not saying the Vircron is not a good piece of kit, far from it, but it does have some drawbacks. Also the idle power consumption is significant.
I'm wondering why I would need 5kW. There is a case for it if you are using induction hobs for cooking, but I have no plans to convert in the foreseeable future.
I think the great improvement could be in the ability to use the washing machine, diswasher, maybe one of the A/C's
For this the inverter does not need to be more then 3.0-3.5kW continuously.
The other advantage is that a 5 kW inverter requires immense cables to the batteries, making it a big problem installing it in the Engine room, justifying the installation in the battery compartment. This again would require to move to Lithium to save battery-space... On and on it goes. So at present I'm looking into a few Mastervolt Mass-series boxes, also because this would integrate with all the other Mastervolt stuff from the later A54's

This brings me to the following question. Has anyone looked into the 24 Volt connection point in the engine room of a A54 next to the fusebox (see picture).
I notice there are feed cables of 95mm2 allowing for quite some power draw. Does anyone know where exactly these cables are connected on the supply side? Before or behind the main switches? As far as I can see this power-point is the main feed point for the fuse-box next to it is that correct?


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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