Starting Capacitor size for a 220v, 50Hz 2.5 kw water maker high pressure motor

Jose Venegas

The water maker high-pressure pump motor is not starting and breaking the AC circuits of shore power and Onan Generator.  It is a LeRoy motor. I have checked for a short circuit and seems OK. (1-ohm resistance between poles and 12.5 Khoms from pole to the earth)  The starting motor capacitor specs are not visible.  I measured  48 micro F, which seems small for the motor size.  Does anybody know if that is the proper size?  The motor makes a very short humming sound before the AC circuits jump.  Before I remove the motor and proceed with major surgery, I would like to know if the capacitor is the proper one or has failed.

Thanks in advance

Jose Venegas
Ipanema SM2000  278
Currently grounded in Grenada awaiting for the opening of Colombian ports to proceed. 

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