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Respectfully, you do not understand the basics of Amel watertight bulkheads. The next time that you are in port or at anchor near another Amel, introduce yourself to the owner and ask him to explain this to you.


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On Sat, May 23, 2020, 3:47 PM Jeroen jeltes <j.jeltes@...> wrote:

Ref Fidelis Am54 bno.118 .

i am surprised there is no safety bilgepump for the saloon , forward- and aft section .  only one bilge pump to drain the grey waterhole in the engineroom.

We already experienced a small accident wilst filling the freshwater tank ; the tank overflow comes from the dipstick hole wich results in  200L+ water in your bilgelockers ! 

Now i have installed an emergency 24V pump with 3m hose in the bilgelocker underneath the stairs.

comments welcome.
Jeroen  Jeltes.

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