Re: no bilgepump in saloon Am54

Arno Luijten

On theĀ  topic of Bilge Pumps, what I find a bigger worry is the main bilge-pump can fail because of bad working valves. These are small rubber flaps inside the pump that start their career flat but over time become concave of shape. This can lead to (mainly the output valve) bad closing of this valve resulting in poor or no pumping action. You can replace the valves pretty easy and Amel sells the replacements.

This bilge-pump has a rough life as it needs to pump out quite some litres per day. Making sure you do not flush any solids in the sinks helps of course but I find the absence of a fall-back pump very annoying. There is a sensor that will send out an alarm if the bilge is over-flowing but it's position is not great to say the least. The water level will be quite high before that thing sends off an alarm. When the alarm sounds you will need to operate the manual bilge-pump as soon as you can and you will need to pump quite a lot of water overboard before the level is back to acceptable levels.

Because of this I recently installed a secondary electric bilge pump with it's own solid state sensor next to the bilge-pit. The sensor sits at the top of the bilge-pit, so it will start the secondary pump before the pit overflows. It also has an alarm connected to the circuit to notify us about the problem.

At least if now the primary pump fails I'm not forced to use the manual pump unless there is a huge ingress of water for whatever reason.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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