Re: Starting Capacitor size for a 220v, 50Hz 2.5 kw water maker high pressure motor

Jose Venegas

After major surgery getting the motor/pump out of the engine room (there was no way I could get the back cover out) I found that after turning the motor by hand IT IS WORKING YEEEA!.
So, Mark you were correct. Now I need to get the motor do some excessive (we all s would do that during this COVID19 time) and I will be getting a newer (larger) capacitor next Monday. As usual, fixing one problem on an old boat usually means you break more part. In my case, the low pressure water inlet fitting to the pump broke in peaces when I tried to remove the hose. So, now I have a piece if the fitting inside the pump that I have to remove with a 1/2 in extractor that I have to buy on Monday together with a new fitting. Well that is the way it is, and I am very happy I don’t have to buy a new motor. (at least I hope so). Tomorrow I will know after I make it exercise for a couple of hours.)

Thank you Mark and Amel Group.

Jose and Magnolia
Ipanema SM2k, 278
Happily stuck in Grenada for another month

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