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If water gets into areas where it should not be, removing the water is the same as any other separate compartment. You need to pump it out. Generally any water in these compartments is minor. I used a "wet vacuum," which was needed for many other projects on my Amel. For instance, anytime I opened any freshwater or saltwater system, I did so with the vacuum hose in hand. This included installing an impeller or rebuilding a pump. My goal was to never allow a single drop of saltwater to escape and fall on anything in the engine room. The absence of rust will repay you 100 times the cost of these precautions when you sell your Amel.
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dear Bill,   i do understand how the bulkhead system works, with the waterticht compartments,  yet it is not clear to me how to remove water from these compartments, without the aid of a pump.
kind regards,  jeroen ( i do realize the drain function from the showers , you need a lot of water before these start .)

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