Re: Getting to St Maarten- New York

Arno Luijten

Hi Eric,

I live on St. Maarten and at present the way they want to “see” things happening for people that want to evacuate their boat from St. Maarten is that they will allow people to fly in from abroad as of June 1st, when landend you are supposed to go to your boat and leave within 24 hrs. 
Clearly this idea is conceived by persons clueless about the reality of preparing a boat for large crossings. So I expect a lot of people will protest agains this “arrangement”.

This Island is governed by people that regrettably don’t have the skill-set required for such a task. The effect is that rulings change at a pace hard to keep up with. The ‘randomness” of the rulings is often frustrating as well.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna

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