Re: Starting Capacitor size for a 220v, 50Hz 2.5 kw water maker high pressure motor

Jose Venegas

Unfortunately, the exercise did not go well and, in spite of having proper oil in the system and water circling around, after a few minutes there was a change in sound accompanied by smoke and, after immediately turning off the power the motor seized.  So it seems that this is the end of the road for this motor.   After opening the motor I noticed some burnt wires (those holding the electric wiring)  and realized that the high-pressure pump bearing was shared by the motor, which means I cannot take the motor alone to a shop for possible repair but will have to be the full assembly.
My question is whether anyone has had the motor/high-pressure pump repaired, and, if so, whether anybody knows a good shop in Grenada.
Alternatively, given the 20 years of age of the water maker, I would appreciate a contact on the island that could help me fix the problem.

Thanks a lot in advance

Jose and Magnolia
Ipanema SM2k, 278
Happily stuck in Grenada for at least another month

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