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Brian Mitchell

Dear Mark
I have this style of alarm and it works well so long as the battery is good and all connections in the battey compartment are also good.
The pump that pumps out the grey water in the engine room could help with the flooding as i too flooded my freshwater, I now sit focused, like when refueling, watching the water fill. What I have done is put a “y”  toilet diversion valve inline. I have the original suction going up through as original but I have fitted some cam lock fittings and about 12 meters of hose so I can now reach most disasters by switching over the “y” valve  and pump out the remote areas.
The other thing I installed was a “t - fitting“, valve and strainer on the main engine raw water cooling line with another pick up into the bilge incase the grey water pump failed or I can use the motor as an emergency pump if needed in an emergency.
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It is loud. I can clearly hear the alarm outside of the boat with the hatch closed.  Also, if you want it louder, the water sensor is on about 2 feet of wire. So, you can put the sensor in the area you wish to detect water under the floor and the alarm can be mounted higher up and not obscured or muffled by the floor.



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How loud is this alarm?

Will you hear clearly when in any of the forward or aft cabins and or saloon?


I have a 3rd party alarm but I can NOT say it is blood curling loud.


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It is a shame you have altered the integrity of your vessel by holing the bulkheads. A better approach would have been to install water alarms in the compartments. These are available for about US$12.00

Glentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA 00895001498 Basement Watchdog High Water Alarm, Pack of 1, Multi



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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] no bilgepump in saloon Am54


Ref Fidelis Am54 bno.118 .

i am surprised there is no safety bilgepump for the saloon , forward- and aft section .  only one bilge pump to drain the grey waterhole in the engineroom.

We already experienced a small accident wilst filling the freshwater tank ; the tank overflow comes from the dipstick hole wich results in  200L+ water in your bilgelockers ! 

Now i have installed an emergency 24V pump with 3m hose in the bilgelocker underneath the stairs.

comments welcome.
Jeroen  Jeltes.


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