Re: Zink Anode for SPURS Line Cutter

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hi Paul,

great idea, THX so much. So we go.
Have a good time in Frisco, damn good place to stay, in Covid times too.

Best wishes
Ulrich / „SoleilBleu“ A54#088
Am 27.05.2020 um 07:20 schrieb Paul Guenette via <paulguenette@...>:

Hi Ulrich,

If you contact Leean Ali at Spurs and give her your information she should be able to tell you the size you will need. Spurs also sells replacement parts and rebuild kits. I believe if you ship them your line cutter they can preform a servicing and rebuild on your line cutter and ship it back to you too.

Spurs Marine Mfg.
201 SW 33 STREET
Tel. 954-463-2707


fair winds

Paul currently in San Francisco

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