Re: Cockpit enclosure

Linda Melton <lindajmelton@...>

Our Santorin already had a Bimini added. The centre strut of the frame is bolted forward of the Genoa sheet winches.
You can only do this on the Santorin because the SM has two winches there.
We have added a front zipped in window sides and a back (all removable). We also have sun shades for the sides and back.
Because they are attached to the Bimini it is free standing and not attached to the mizzen shrouds.
We have kept the original Amel hood for the integrity of the boat, but never use it.
We sail In foul weather inside the enclosure
And have had no issues in winds up to f9.
I think the main issue for the Santorin is that the original headroom of the standard hood is a lot lower than the SM. Raising that to standing headroom would be more difficult. But other SN owners mY chip in with solutions.


Ocean Hobo SN96

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