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Bill & Karen, thanks for doing this.
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On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 9:52 PM Karen Smith via <> wrote:

With at least some businesses coming back on line in some areas, we are going to try again to put together a group of Amel owners who are looking to improve the appearance of their boats.


The rubber inserts that act as gutters along the top of the rubrail on the Super Maramu and Santorin have been occasionally available from Amel, but as heavy, bulky items shipping costs have been high from Europe to North America.


On our boat, SM #160, the rubber inserts are a faded, chalky, red with crumbling edges, and with every rain they wash a little bit more red mud down the hull.  It is time for them to go.


Just before the virus business disruptions hit hard, we had identified a custom extrusion company who could reproduce these for us in white EDPM, the most UV resistant rubber compound available.  All of the Super Maramus and Santorin used the same rubrail design, even those toward the end of the production run that had hard PVC gutters.  Custom colors (i.e., not white) are not going to be a cost effective option.


If your rub rail gutters are showing their age, and looking a bit ratty, or have been damaged, here is the chance for a significant cosmetic upgrade.


Until I get updated quotes, I can’t promise a price, but I’d expect less than $900–delivered by UPS—anywhere in the USA.  (Hawaii is possible, but can’t promise a delivery cost there yet.) The more people we have signed up, the more we can spread the setup costs, and the cheaper it gets.  The last delivered price I saw from Amel was over $2300.


Terms would be:  50% deposit to secure the order and lock in the price, and 50% when ready to ship.  Once the production run is set up and scheduled, we can’t add more later, so we’ll need to know everybody interested ahead of time. Reply to get on our list...  No money need yet, certainly not until we have a firm price and schedule.


If you did not get an email from us in the past week or so, you have somehow dropped off our radar, so let us know you are still interested.  


Not sure on timing yet, but requests for quote have gone out. I am hoping some of these places are hungry for business.

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