Genoa Swivel - position + binding connection to the genoa top loop - Amel 54

Stefan Schaufert

Dear Ameliens,

I got a new front furler and have to hoist the genoa again.
When I prepaired the genoa loops I got the feeling that the Swivel respectively the lower part is in the wrong position.
At least it looks like. The stainless steel protection/ cover blocks the 2 grooves and the hole for the binding connection is on the opposite side.
Unfortunately I did not took pictures from taking down the genoa. But I know that the genoa was in the left one of the 2 grooves. The lonely front groove seems to be also possible but the threading point is much to high.
Probably I am wrong. 
My questions:
1. Is the position of the lower Swivel part right?
2. Do you have a picture with the right binding (hole on front, loop on back of the foil is not ideal - thus the binding has to go around the foil)?
3. What is the purpose of the stainless steel protection/ cover?
4. Inside the protection is a „mouse clip“. What is it for?

Thx a lot for your help.

Stefan, Lady Charlyette, Amel 54 119, Le Marin

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