Re: Genoa Swivel - position + binding connection to the genoa top loop - Amel 54

Arno Luijten


Relax, the furler swivel is just as it should be.

To enlighten you, the swivel is developed to fly two headsails simultaneously. Actually the Genua and the Ballooner (that is wat Amel calls it). If you look carefully you should notice three grooves in the foil.
This setup is created for what is called "Tradewind sailing", two headsails, no main, downwind sailing. It starts with a poled out Genua to one side (I'm not sure which side). Next you hoist the ballooner using a plastic "mouse" at the top of the sail in the second groove. The mouse has a hook to it to connect the second halyard to. The two ends of the halyard need to be connected to each other as well, making it an endless loop. When the ballooner is up it latches inside the stainless "protection". Once it's latched you can pull the halyard out the hook in the plastic mouse. Using the second whisker-pole to pole-out the ballooner to the other side.
If you now need to reduce sail because of a rain-squall or whatever, you can furl both sails together without getting the second halyard tangled.

If you need to get the balooner down again there is a white color mouse that looks a bit different from the one on the ballooner. By hoisting this in the third groove you will release the latch that holds the ballooner up and you will be able to retrieve the sail. The ballooner sail is a little bit like a Code-0 sail.

So the genua goes into the single groove in the foil on opposite of the two grooves that are next to each other.

Standard Amel supplied the 54 (with ballooner option) with 4 mouse-sliders, two of each type and one of those connected to the top of the ballooner-sail.


Arno Luijten,
SV Luna,

PS Be very careful to remove the stainless "protector" from the swivel as the bolts tend to be frozen solid in the aluminum swivel. I had to drill one out on our boat.

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