Re: Keel rust and ballast straps on a Maramu


Let's start by asking how long you have owned this Amel and what do you know about the previous work done on the boat?
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On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 7:42 PM Jacob Champness <jacob.champness@...> wrote:
OK, I have read every thread about keel rust and copper ballast straps, and I have several questions.

1. If the copper strap is intact, then is it true that there would be no rusting of the ballast?

2. If the rust repair job is done perfectly (the ballast is sanded clean and shiny and then immediately sealed of), then is the copper strap even necessary?

3. My boat, Maramu #42 is 41 years old.  There is no sign of a copper strap.  Is it possible the strap was a later innovation and there never was one on my boat?

4. If it was supposed to be there and it has been missing for who knows how long, then what problems should I look for besides the rusty ballast?

5. How in the heck do you get a new strap attached at the bottom of the bilge?  I mean like physically, how can you get a person and/or a tool into the bottom of the bilge on a Maramu?  I might be able to do it if I removed the engine, but that seems a bit excessive.  I mean if it's that or have the ballast fall off, I'll do it, but there must be an easier way, right?

6. What are you supposed to attach the other end of the ballast strap to?  Since I have none in the first place, I'm not sure were it might've been supposed to go.

Thanks so much for any thoughts and advice!

Jacob Champness
Maramu #42, Lark
St Augustine, USA


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