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I think it is impossible to answer your questions because the historical information is not available to you or me. An Amel the age of your Maramu has been through numerous owners and many changes. Yes, the "guys" doing the rust prevention job likely did not do it correctly, which is another non-spec. change. Trust me when I say, your Maramu has many of these.

The next time your Maramu is out of the water, test continuity from one of the exposed iron spots to the zinc on the rudder. If no continuity, your iron ballast is not protected.
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On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 5:48 AM Jacob Champness <jacob.champness@...> wrote:
I've owned her for 2 years.  I don't know about any work done on the ballast or the strap prior to that.  I observed some small rust bubbles on the very bottom of the aft end of the ballast when we hauled in Guatemala a little over a year agoand had the them cleaned up and covered over but I don't think the guys there did a great job.  I recently observed more of the same while cleaning the bottom in George Town.

Here's one more question I meant to ask above:  How can you ever be sure that the upper surface of the ballast against the GRP stub is sealed and free of rust?

Thanks again!

Jacob Champness
Maramu #42, Lark
St Augustine, USA

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