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Hi Jacob
I’ve just replaced rotten bonding cables with the attached 
There is lots of good discussions about this on the forum that I read up on before attempting it and that helped. 
It’s a shot taken lying on top of my engine looking down into the bilge 
Copper strap is 50mm by 4mm
I can dig out length I bought too if helpful
20 or was it 22mm hole 2 inches from end that then attaches to keel bolt 
Long extensions on 30mm socket set 
Was quite easy. Only hard part was getting the shape about right 
Happy to help if you have qs 
I would also say that a solution with oversized copper braid cable would work well. Perhaps for not as long. 

 All the best

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On 30 May 2020, at 16:45, eric freedman <kimberlite@...> wrote:

Steel is steel. If bare steel is exposed to salt water it will rust. It is very important to immediately prime the ballast as soon as it is sanded. Slight oxidation will cause the bottom paint to flake of.

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Fair enough, but setting my specific vessel aside, and asking about ballast and copper straps on Maramus in general:

1. If the copper strap is intact, then is it true that there would be no rusting of the ballast?

2. If the rust repair job is done perfectly (the ballast is sanded clean and shiny and then immediately sealed of), then is the copper strap even necessary?

3. Is it possible that a 1979 Maramu never had a strap?

4. If the strap were missing for several years from a Maramu that should have had it then what problems would you expect to see?

5. How have others physically managed to attach a strap at the bottom of the bilge on a Maramu?  Does anyone have pictures of that job?

6. Could anyone who has the strap in place on their Maramu please comment on where it attaches at the other end from the ballast?

7. In general, how can you ever be sure that the upper surface of the ballast against the GRP stub is sealed and free of rust?

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