Re: Two questions

Gary Wells

Marinepartseurope has several starter switches listed, I just wouldn't know which one is for your setup.  I did put in a new panel in Martinique (there's a Volvo store there) and I'll guess they could procure the switch as well.

As far as hatch foam is concerned, the replacement I used was actually trapezoidal a bit. I want to say 12mm on the glass side and 10mm where is contacts the ridge of the hatch. 

I too, found it in a roll at a chandlery, but it was about the 12th chandler I'd searched :)

I recently acquired a freezer gasket on Amazon (searched for 'old style refrigerator gasket) and I'm not sure you couldn't order the foam there as well.  We're on anchor at the moment so I don't have much signal and can't really research.

I know there's a company that supplies Goiot hatch parts; they've probably got the gasket material but at a premium.price.   (anyway, that's where I learned the measurements from:) ) 

Gary W
SM 209, Adagio
Cape Lookout, NC .. 
(hangin' on in 30kts). 

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