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Hi Richard, in reply to your questions may I offer a couple of solutions?

Question 1, the light on mine has three screws, not two.

Question 2, it is not necessary to remove the masts to replace the rigging. We had the rigging replaced with the masts in place while Tradewinds was berthed. This is not difficult to achieve, it just required the correct procedure to remove and replace the old rigging.

Question 3, we have three 4kg bottles secured in the port aft vented locker in side the Lazarette.

Question 4, my question is "Who was your Australian supplier for the LED's?" I have the round surface mounted lights with Halogen bulbs. While they do provide excellent light, they do consume the amps.

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Barry and Robyn Tradewinds III SM 171

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Gentlemen, (and Ladies)

I have purchased "Popeye", Amel Maramu Hull 91 from Bill Klein. She is currently lying in the Anclote River, Tarpon Springs in Florida.

So now instead of Bill's good advice, you are getting my not so informed questions. Any help would be appreciated.

1. I need to replace the bulb in the cockpit/hardtop light. I have removed the two small screws from the glass, but despite prising and twisting have got no further. This may be another intelligence test I just failed.

2. I will be pulling the masts to replace the (original) standing rigging. Where does one disconnect the electrical connection to the radar at the base of the mizzen mast? I have looked in the aft part of the engine compartment but can't see if and where the tube from the base of the mast then goes, and there appears to be no access from the aft head area. Also, is there any magic involved with the main mast, apart from disconnecting the wires in the overhead breaker panel outside the for'd head?

3. Does anyone know a US source for the (very) small propane gas cylinders used on the Maramu?

4. I have replaced all of the interior light bulbs with LEDs, and was looking to replace those in the nav, anchor and steaming lights as well, for the current saving. The Australian source I used does not have 22mm base bulbs, only 15mm. Does anyone know of a US or European source for such LEDs?


Richard Molony
Maramu #91 "Popeye"

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