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Mohammad Shirloo

I second Tom’s opinion. When our element went out in 2016 (8 year old water heater), we decided to change for new. It was a 4 hour job, but hopefully don’t have to deal with this issue for another 8. There were signs of rust on other electrical components on the old tank.


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Hi Kent,


I would not pursue things further. Just “Google” pictures of what the inside of most water heaters look like after a few years. As my kids say, “Don’t go there”.


That’s one reason why it is recommend not to drink or cook from the hot water tap. Lots of minerals, but obviously sterile. Most water heaters, marine or domestic, only last several years. 


All in all, if your tank is old, I would just consider replacing it. Or let it go kaput in the middle of nowhere.


Tom Peacock

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Thanks Gerhard,

I'm afraid I probably understated the condition of the zinc and heating element.  Here's a pic. I also got a better look inside the tank today, and it's pretty nasty. I have to clean it, but can't get my big paw through the hole. It's either a brush or power washer, I think.  Anybody else? 

Thanks again,


Kristy SM243


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If the zinc is OK you should do nothing more as inspection. The thin coating (film) works as a protection and will soon come back when you remove it. Only rinse the tank. That is sufficient.

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