Re: Amel decal

Craig Briggs

I had these vinyl decals made last week at a boat lettering shop near Palm Beach, Fl and they came out great.

If anyone still needs them I can send them to you at $65 for a set of two (port and starboard) plus $8.05 for USPS Priority Legal Flat Rate Envelop (2-day). Call it $75 total. 

I just checked with sav and they do have them in stock at 90€ for a set of two plus their estimate of 40€ for Fedex to USA. 130€ is about $145US. 

If interested DO NOT REPLY HERE - send a private email to CraigBriggs001@... (that's CraigBriggs001 at gmail dot com) and I'll put the order together.
Here's a picture of mine.

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