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Very few 54s had the second pole + ballooner option, although I believe all of the 54s had the genoa foil and swivel needed for the twin pole/ballooner.

This video of a SM may help you visualize the system. The 54 poles are full length rather than 2-part SM poles.

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On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 3:19 AM Laurens Vos <laurensrineke@...> wrote:
Hi Arno,

You mean that on can rise and lower the ballooner separate from the genoa ? Which mean that when the genoa is up and flying. 
On our Mango we used the ballooner on ocean crossings but we used the same halyard so needed to rise and bring them down together. 
I only can't figure out how the way you describe it. 

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