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You should check the negative and positive start solenoids and the wire connectors to these. 

Most of the time it is the negative solenoid. The second most common cause is the connection between where the start battery negative wire connects to the terminal on the outside left of the Onan and the connection to the negative solenoid. 

You can check both of these using a jumper cable between where the start battery negative terminal connects to the Onan and, first, to the battery-side of the solenoid. This will check the wire and connections. Next, then from the start battery negative connotation terminal on the Onan to the other side of the solenoid. That will check the wire, connections, and solenoid. Use CorrosionX on all connections.


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My Onan is totally dead nothing happened when trying to star not a slightest click. I have measured 12,8 volt between +on the starter and minus on the alternator, but only about 4 volt between + on the starter an - I believe it is on the starter see attached photo the same reading 4 v between plus on the starter and the ground strap.
I assume the reading should be 12,8 and not 4 volt?
Any idea where to start searching?
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259, Lagos, Portugal

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