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Peter Forbes


Can you send photo of where these relays are and what value are they?


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On 3 Jun 2020, at 13:30, Barry Connor via <connor_barry@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,
I am not very good with electric parts but I had a similar problem.
No click from the starter but I did hear a whish noise from behind the control panel. I took them out and put them back in, when pressing down on one the Onan started.  I replaced both relays and all then started and worked.


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On Jun 3, 2020, at 06:24, Paul Osterberg <osterberg.paul.l@...> wrote:

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My Onan is totally dead nothing happened when trying to star not a slightest click. I have measured 12,8 volt between +on the starter and minus on the alternator, but only about 4 volt between + on the starter an - I believe it is on the starter see attached photo the same reading 4 v between plus on the starter and the ground strap.
I assume the reading should be 12,8 and not 4 volt?
Any idea where to start searching?
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259, Lagos, Portugal

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