Re: Keel rust and ballast straps on a Maramu

smiles bernard

HI Jacob
I just folded some single sided tape in half and stuck it inside the socket :)
Which worked ok
But i did also have one of those long litter picker up tools to hand just in case! Great to have onboard anyhow incase something escapes you and ends up in the dreaded bilge 
In terms of the topmost attachment - it's just a bluesea busbar i screwed into place
The plan is to  replace that in time with a piece of glassed foam and then just use the big copper strap as the busbar - ie add a terminal at its upper end
......but i had the bluesea thing to hand . . . . .

Hope that helps and best of luck with the job

As i think i mentioned i'm pretty sure a section of braided copper with a 20 mm eye on the end would last a while too but this copper bar option is belt and braces I hope

All the best

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