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If you are talking about the solenoid between battery negative and the Onan engine block, that is there to isolate the Onan from battery negative EXCEPT when glo-plugs, Start, and Stop solenoids are used. The rest of the time the solenoid is open and there is no connection to battery negative. Eliminating that solenoid defeats the floating ground bonding system in Amels and puts your under water metals at greater risk.  I strongly recommend against that. I had a prop shaft get destroyed by a faulty charger/inverter combined with a connection made by an ABYC electrician who didn't understand what Amel did. The CDrive had to be replaced to the tune of $30000US and loss of almost a year.

If you are talking about the start solenoid, I'm not sure how you would eliminate that and still have the starter function.

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We did not identify a knob or similar to press on the solenoid etc. etc. We just removed the negative solenoid.


If I understand Porter correctly he also is now sailing/using genset without a negative solenoid. I was going to have this looked at by a marine electrician in COOMERA but can I just omit that and continue without a negative solenoid?


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Teun and Paul. 

Exact scenario. Same fix. Thanks BR. 

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Thank you all
Tomorrow I will go down to Kerpa and try to identify the negative selenoid, I had a negative selenoid on an VP on one of my previous boats that malfunction time to time, but it had a knob one could press in and force contact that way, Do not know if the Onan has that.
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