Re: Mango Headsail Question

smiles bernard

Hi there 

I had the same setup as described on a previous boat and I'm a big fan of it. 
Really good for down wind but also for a bullet proof , hank on, storm sail option. It also adds a backup  forestay of course.

We used rigging wire cut to a suitable length to allow it to be stowed at the mast base when not in use. We then had a strop to make up the remaining length that was attached to the deck fitting. 

We used a highfield lever for connecting / tensioning the strop and the main stay

This meant easy stowing of the stay and also meant we could hank on a bagged storm sail and sheets ready to go in the stowed mast base position

For downwind work we had a 85ish % hank on sail on the removable forestay. It stayed up all the time. 2 or 3 weeks i think on one crossing. Reefing for squalls was a breeze with the furler on the main big genoa

I will repeat if on our Maramu If we do more ocean hopping as i really missed it on our last trip. This time I’ll use dyneema but the same tensioner and setup i think

I’d also be really interested in any pictures of the deck fitting used on your mango and if/how that is tied into the hull.

Someone has done something similar on our Maramu in the past i think. 

There is a strong deck fitting tied into the hull that is just aft of the furler unit. Perhaps others also have this and its for something else I have not considered?

My original Amel installed furler was replaced with a modern electrical proful equivalent. The unit has been faultless but sadly it's motor position and dimensions mean it obstructs the line a second stay would take in the above plan. 

In time i'll turn the furler motor unit through 180 degrees to remove the obstruction
Or i'm thinking remove the electric furler and replace it with a  manual one with a smaller footprint. 

All the best very best 
Maramu 162

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