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Richard Molony <rfmolony@...>


Thanks for the information. I'll take a look and see if the Maramu works
that way as well.


On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 11:30 PM, amelliahona <>wrote:

Hi Richard:

Thanks for the reply about the LED lights.

I have a 2001 Super Maramu but perhaps regarding the following there are
similarities to you Maramu:

You wrote

" 2. I will be pulling the masts to replace the (original) standing
rigging. Where does one disconnect the electrical connection to the radar
the base of the mizzen mast? I have looked in the aft part of the engine
compartment but can't see if and where the tube from the base of the mast
then goes, and there appears to be no access from the aft head area. Also,
is there any magic involved with the main mast, apart from disconnecting
wires in the overhead breaker panel outside the for'd head?"

On my Super Maramu there are 2 panels for the main mast wiring. One is
above the companionway to the forward cabin abeam the forward head as
well as in the head above the shower head. Both areas contain wiring for
the main mast.

For the mizzen there is a panel in the aft head just to starboard of the
mirror and sink where the wiring enters. This panel is secured with a
single screw and held in place on several sides by trim pieces of wood.
The wires pass through a wire chase that traverses horizontally to
just above the aft cabin door and is just below the small portlight on the
forward starboard cockpit area just above the starboard cockpit locker.

Hope that makes sense and might be of some help.


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