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Breakers are typically single pole or double pole and vary in amp load capability. Most of the AC breakers on your SM are double pole, switching when you are connected to EU type power, the Hot Brown wire, and the Return Blue wire. You have at least 1 double pole DC breaker for the SSB. If there is a short in a Diruptor circuit, the breaker will not reset.

In the US the AC double pole breakers are typically used to switch 2 legs of 110-115VAC. The Neutral (White) is typically not switched. If you are using US type power, the SM AC breakers will switch both US type legs of the AC power as long as you wire the US type AC shore power plug correctly.

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On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 6:10 AM Alexandre Uster von Baar via <> wrote:

Hello Bill, 

Not sure I really understood the question.  Did you mean how many amp?

If so, look at my links below.  

All the disruptor on the 24 Volt panel are “single”

All the disruptor on the 220 Volt panel are “Double”

Sincerely, Alexandre

On Sunday, June 7, 2020, 05:41:47 AM CDT, william reynolds <sail23692@...> wrote:

I recently replaced one of my diruptors. I fortunately have a sizable inventory  but there is no information as to what goes where. Some are single and some are double units and the Amel provided diagrams (they are unfortunately not schematics) do not specify the type or location of each breaker. Opening the electric boxes which contain the diruptors is not helpful as the  information on the breaker  is blocked by the breaker beside it. Does anyone have a file or list  that indicates the size and location of the diruptors?  I recently went through all the diruptors on my boat and found several that were not normally cycled that  once tripped would not reset and needed  replacing. Any information out there?
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