Main Sail Outhaul and Furling Gearbox Bonfiglioli VF44P1-70 P63 B14 B3

Bill Shaproski

I have a Super Maramu from 1995 OO30017SM141.  The mainsail furling gearbox apparently failed and needs replacement.  The desision to remove the unit was made by my maintenance guy since I am on the west coast and the boat is on the east coast.  I ordered a new one and when it arrived it was not from Bonfiglioli and was not interchangeable.  I haven't been able to find one that could be delivered by 20 June which is when I need to have it.  Does anyone have a serviceable gearbox they want to sell or know where I could get one deliverd to Florida by 20 June?

Thanks in advance for any help.  

Bill Shaproski
S/V Pacific Cool 
  • 206-375-2787

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