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Thanks. I will try and get additional propane tanks the same as I have
currently. There are two spares on board but they are corroded, and I'm
chicken when it comes to propane tanks.

I spent a couple of hours with Peter Grimm going over all of the sails,
and he certainly looked after me and gave good advice. Thank you for
pointing me in his direction. I should be going down to pick op those that
needed repair shortly. The larger of the two genoas is LARGE (the smaller
was set for the trip South) and probably not going to see much use on a
downwind run, the pole appearing to be too short to keep it under control or
fully spread when wing-a-wing. That's what the spinnaker is for.


On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Joel Potter <> wrote:

Hi Richard, Popeye has been well owned and you will find that boat to be
less problematic than similarly aged vessels.
I can't remember where the wire parting section for the mizzen is exactly
other than to tell you if you follow the wires from the base of the mizzen
mast you will discover the place where they are joined. I have taken the
masts off several Maramus and can't remember the mizzen details other than
to say that it is not mysterious. I am sure that a Maramu owner will come
on the site here with the info.
Maramus were originally equipped with Campgaz/Butagaz cylinders containing
butane, not propane. You can use an individual 5lbs. U.S.A. standard steel
vertical cylinder in that tiny locker just outboard of the galley if you
a small V-shaped notch in the top of the carry handle that is integral to
the tank. Don't worry, just precisely where to cut the notch will be very
obvious when you try to put the cylinder in the locker. A better solution
to employ the locker on the aft deck or to install a container on the stern
rails to carry larger aluminum alloy tanks which are worth the hefty
to purchase them as they last nearly forever unlike the short lived steel
cylinders. The standard warning about a perfect installation as propane is
heavier than air and will take you and the boat to smithereens if propane
escapes and accumulates in the interior. Be careful to be sure of the
absolute integrity of the entire system.
Did Peter Grimm take good care of your sail updates?

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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