Re: Converting my Amel 54 to lithium batteries: what I did, what I like and what I don't like (after one year of full time live aboard use)

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My A54 did not come with a 2500w inverter, so I didn't have the 50mm2 cables for that. Mine only included the 100a and 30a Dolphin chargers. 

Since I had it all apart to install new 50mm2 cables, I decided to just install 2x plus and 2x minus 50mm2 cables for the Quattro 5kw. That way, I could ensure the length was exactly the same and there was no initial "differential corrosion" which could impact resistance across the 4 cables. Probably overkill, but the cost was minimal. Then I re-used the 100a Dolphin cables (can't recall size, but I trust you) for the Skylla-i 80A with the assumption that Amel sized the 100a Dolphin cables correctly.

Regarding using 30A Dolphin cables, there are calculators out there you can use to determine whether, given your run distance, the voltage drop is acceptable. Since I was already installing two new pairs of 50mm2, I decided to oversize it and use the 100A Dolphin cables and just leave the 30A Dolphin cables as unused backup.

In the same manner, I ran a few extra runs of Cat6 ethernet between the engine room and the backup. I'm glad I did as one of the Cat6 cables failed after I epoxied the hole where the wires ran!

I installed the Skylla-i 80a for a few reasons:

1) So I can charge with more current to minimize genset run time. Lifepo4 is able to accept full current until nearly full. 
2) Backup in case the Quattro dies
3) Gives me flexibility to feed 240v/60hz power into the Skylla to charge the batteries and then use the Quattro (unconnected to external AC) to invert and provide 230v/50hz to the boat. 

But primarily for #1.

Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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