cruisers of "Brick House" need help in Capetown


Hi Amelians,
I don't know if you heard that the circumnavigating couple on "Brick House" are in trouble in South Africa.  Patrick Childress contracted coronavirus and has been in ICU for 21 days.  He is receiving excellent care there, but the couple's insurance company, Azimuth Risk Solutions, suddenly declared that they covered nothing during a pandemic and denied all coverage or compensation.  A friend of the Childress's started a GoFundMe page which has all the particulars and updates. 

As a COVID survivor myself, I reached out to Rebecca Childress to offer my experience and comfort.  Her husband, Patrick is still hospitalized in ICU but has some slight improvement. It would be wonderful if more sailors could post moral support or a little $$ on the GoFundMe page.

I heard the details of the denial of claim by Azimuth Risk Solutions, the Indiana company who sold the Childresses their international medical coverage. I was shocked at the sudden changing terms and reduced coverage this unethical company is trying to pull off ex post facto.  Rebecca's father has contacted attorneys for help but the entire affair has added incredible stress to a heartbreaking situation. 

We've had a lot of valuable information shared about boat insurance here already, now maybe some of you can gain more info about health insurance in general and Azimuth in particular.  

Vicem 58 "Songbird"
New Haven, CT

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