Re: How To Replace Aft Head Sink Faucet

Bill Shaproski

Hi Ian,
Thanks for your advice.  Very helpful!!  Stay safe.
Bill Shaproski 
S/V Pacific Cool

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020, 12:01 AM Ian Park <parkianj@...> wrote:
I’ve just done this job on my Santorin yesterday.
I took the sink off. Two screws on the front and four more on the bulkhead under the mirror.
It was then a very simple task. Only problem I had was the older fittings on the 12mm copper pipes. But you can put a conversion compression joint on each one to convert to the current flexible tap connectors.
I had to grind out the hole for the tap base for a slightly larger size.
Good luck


Ocean Hobo SN96

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