Re: cruisers of "Brick House" need help in Capetown

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There are a lot of good options for healthcare outside of the USA. We pay as we go for minor stuff and have a catastrophic policy for anything really bad. This can run about US$1,500 per year with a $10,000 deductable. Healthcare outside of the USA is very affordable and in many cases just as good or better than the USA. We have had no issues finding English speaking doctors.


Learn to shop outside of the USA for insurance coverage. There are reputable companies such as Aetna (UK) among many others who offer polices for world-wide healthcare insurance. They exclude the USA because to the idiotic system.


As with most insurance, you need to be aware of scams. A quick Google search of Azimuth Risk Solutions reveals they are scammers. Go with a recognized company and do your homework – all will be okay.




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That's one of my big worries when we start cruising next year, medical coverage that's affordable. Rest of world policies seem to be the only affordable options. I see the cigna geo explorer plans, is that what people use?

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