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Fortunately, in this context, Popeye has a 12v system.

Enjoy the tidal range in Mackay!


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LEDOnline recommends using a power conditioner for 24 volt systems. Did you
do this? About 2 years ago I bought some LED mast lights (tricolor and
anchor) from LEDonline. They cost about $50 each and lasted about 1 year. I
am assuming because of what they say on their website:

"Despite the advances we've made with driving LED's properly at 12vDC we
still experience some problems on charging 24vDC systems. This is due to the
voltage range of the drivers we use in our bulbs. LEDs are current "driven"
and not voltage "driven."
The maximum range achievable right now for quality small current based
drivers is 30 vDC. Using 12v DC, voltages can reach as high as 15.5v. This
is only half the rated voltage of the 8~30vDC driver.
When we use 24v however - charging voltages can reach 28.8v or even higher
if the regulator on the 24v system is not set properly.
This is so very close to the maximum operating voltage of our drivers that
we can experience failures sometimes. For that reason we now recommend using
a power conditioner on 24v lighting systems."


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