Need help in Palma

Doug Smith

Hey Fellow Amel owners.  My wife and I are the new owners of Aventura, Amel 54-113.  We purchased in Nov 2019, and began moving from Greece to Gibraltar and planned winter crossing in Feb/March to US.  As many of you have also faced, we were restricted on traveling, and remain locked out of Europe.  Our boat was in Gibraltar for 5 months, and so we arranged for a shipping company to transport her to US, which was scheduled to begin this week.
Since we were also unable to get into Gibraltar, we hired a crew to move her to Palma where loading would occur on a transport ship.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, we were about an hour from loading, when the transport ship lost electrical power and its compartments on the starboard side flooded.  The ship needed tugs to keep it from flipping over in the harbour.  I am just glad we were not already loading, or tied up next to one of those massive ships, crushing ours.
The problem now is I have a paid crew just sitting in Palma and cost about 1000 pounds per day.  I am wondering if there are any fellow Amel owners in Palma, who could assist with moving the sailboat Aventura across the harbour, which would allow me to relieve the crew.  I am not sure yet when they will allow for loading, but am hoping it will be in the next 48 hours.  But that is still up in the air, since currently, the tugs are still keeping the transport ship from flipping.  Even if you know of a captain who lives in Palma, that would lbe helpful.  Looking for any assistance,
Thanks, Doug
Aventura, 54-113, in Palma, very far away from me.

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