Re: Need help in Palma

Doug Smith

Thanks, I appreciate the ideas.  I searched the SSCA, of which I am a member, and there are no hosts in Palma.  A couple of hosts in the Canaries, but no one in the Balearics.  Don’t post on  This is a pretty fluid situation, and I spoke with the crew a few minutes ago, and have them staying another 24 hours.  The shipping company is telling me the ship is upright and they have unloaded most of the ships.  I am hopeful for more clarity by morning local time.

We are most concerned that if we change out crew, it will mess up the loading and customs for the ship transport.

If there was a fellow owner, stuck in Palma, it would make sense to switch out crew, but trying to identify and find a new crew on short notice (hopefully) might be worse.


Doug Smith

S/V Aventura, Amel 54-113

Currently Palma








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