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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Bill,
I' m too planning to replace batteries and to find new like the original is very difficult in the Caribbean. Now the boat is in Venezuela.
At Island Water there are DEKA G31 Deep Cycle and Dual Purpose item n A013101.
But your info about is very precious.
First it's possible to have the batteries on board every where, second they offer a good support.
Now the questions, please.
- our charging system is ideal for " normal " batteries. I don't know if with AGM Fillriver you had to change something on set up because of the over charging problems with AGM.
-sizes seem good, but you had to short some of the copper straps and cut a little piece of mahogony ? Why ?
I suppose for the position and height of terminals. In the Fullriver brochure the battery in the photo shows a lateral combination of two terminals, not a unique central threated stud, better for us. Do you know if is it possible to have it like optional ?
-may we have photos of your new solution ( copper strapps and arrangement of batteries ) ?
Thanks so much for every suggestion
Best and Buon Vento
Giovanni Testa
s/v EUTIKIA SM2K n 428

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DC Battery in Miami shipped 13 batteries to us while we were in Bonaire via AmCar Freight services. I am not sure if AmCar serves Antigua. The transit time was about a week and the pallet was delivered to the dock alongside our boat. The delivery driver even handed each battery over the rail to me. Total freight cost about $260.00.

We bought Fillriver Group31's from them. They fit well...modifications included shortening some of the copper straps and cutting 2 notches in the 2" deminsion piece of mahogony under the battery compartment lid. I had not planned on cutting this and you should consider this in your measurements.


s/v BeBe, SM2 #387
Mackay Australia

So far the 110 amp Fullriver Grp31's have performed well.

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> Hi everyone:
> It has come time to replace my house batteries. I have no source for a Group 31 deep cycle battery with flush caps and a SS threaded stud placement that will allow me to utilize the copper tie bar between the positive and negative post for the series (24 volt) set up in my boat.
> The AC Delco 1150 batteries originally fit measure 13 inches long x 6.825 inches wide x 9.5 inches tall to the top of the threaded stud and have a flush top that allows the 2x4 beam on the bottom of the bunk top to fit against the tops of the batteries:
> Replacement options (i.e. available to me in Antigua) are:
> 1. Trojan SCS225 measuring 13.94 (almost 14 inches long) x 6.75 inches wide x 9.875 inches tall to the top of the stud
> OR
> 2. Trojan SCS200 measuring 12.75 inches long x 6.75 inches wide x 9.75 inches tall to the top of the stud.
> Neither layout of the studs will allow me to use the existing interconnect bars. I will have to have fabricated interconnect cables. Additionally I am concerned that the 2x4 hold down beam may not clear the filler caps on the top of the batteries.
> Has anybody out there fitted either of these batteries to an Amel SM2000 of approximately my vintage (delivered July 2001, Hull # 335) and can tell me about their experience.
> Thanks to all, Gary


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