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Ann-Sofie, S/Y Lady Annila

Ofcourse I remember you and Diana!! 
Talked to Jonas and he think that the mizzen and the one on the main is similar.

But it sounds like you have managed to take it down now.

Regards to Diana! 

Ann-Sofie & Jonas
S/Y Lady Annila SM232, 1998.

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9 juni 2020 kl. 18:04 skrev Gary Silver via <garysilver@...>:

Hi Pat: 

It is unclear to me what you are referring to when you say, "the problem is in the swivel part of the fuller".  
Are you unable to crank the winch handle drive more than 360 degrees?
Have you verified that something isn't holding the foil (attached to the gearbox with a bolt) from turning?

Please see this file and read it completely, before proceeding.  

The most common cause (in my experience) for difficulty turning the mizzen furling is due to "crud" build up of salt and debris on the winch handle drive-shaft within the bore of the mizzen mast.  When I was re-assembling the mizzen gearbox (having discovered that dis-assembly was completely un-necessary) I found that if the gearbox shaft (item #10 in the exploded parts diagram in my file noted above) wasn't completely seated then the bevel gears would bind.  Perhaps your shaft has backed out slightly causing this binding effect.  I doubt that, but it is worth investigating.  THERE IS NO GREASE IN THE MIZZEN FURLING GEAR BOX!!!  I suppose it is possible that there is broken tooth on the bevel gears that might lock things up but you can inspect for that by viewing the gears through the mounting bolt hole on the side of the gearbox (where the bolts that hold in the mast go).  Look at the file, separate the foil from the gearbox to assure the foil isn't binding, remove the gearbox from the mast taking care to note the order of the washers and spacers, inspect for broken teeth on the gears, remove, clean and re-install the shaft for the winch handle and only then if you still have trouble disassemble the gearbox.  That disassembly is a huge job and will yield minimal results (watched Brian on Delos do that job and destroy the end of the gearbox, requiring new parts to be machined).  Any other questions or clarification don't hesitate to give me a call  801-543-5801.

All the best, 

Gary S. SIlver
s/v Liahona 
Amel SM 2000 #335
Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico

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