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Patrick McAneny

Danny , Its not the top swivel that is the problem, its is the swivel/car which pulls up the sail that is having a problem. I suppose I will first flush it out well before I take it apart and see if that helps. 
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Hi Pat,
before you start any disassembly try this. Lower the sail and flush the swivel with copious quantities of fresh water. Despite the fact it is at the top of the mast it will have salt in it and this is a common cause of the symptoms you have. As to the manual mizzen furler gear box mine was getting so tight I feared causing damage while turning the winch handle.. I took the fiber collar off the input shaft and squirted fresh water in vigorously. I then did the same to the gearbox top and bottom.  I left the gearbox and the swivel to dry out on a sunny day and then sprayed both with silicon. Now the mizzen launches with a tug on the out haul line. No turning of the gearbox by hand the sail goes out brrrrrrrrt. The swivels on the main and head sail need the same treatment. Because they are operated electrically we are not so aware of the friction. Breakers popping during operation can be a symptom, as is the foil on the mainsail fracturing. Likewise bending of the horns on the headsail furler although there are other causes for that as well.
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I have a problem with the mizzen furler not able to rotate 360 degrees. I have determined that the problem is within the swivel part of the furler. It will rotate freely ,but then binds up and needs to be forced to be able to rotate. I need to take it off and separate the two parts , I assume the bearings have degraded . When I slide it down and off the foil will ball bearings fall out ? How are the parts separated ? Has anyone done this before. I will also try to disassemble the gearbox to clean and grease it while it is off.
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